Étiqueté : real-estate speculation

Un bâtiment ancien accueillant typiquement des appartements sous le régime des anciens loyers (© B. Marot, 2012).

The “Old Rent” Law in Beirut: an Incentive or Disincentive for Gentrification?

Original text in French : http://ifpo.hypotheses.org/4266 (translation by the author) There is a recurrent debate in Beirut regarding the consequences of the “old rent” law and the way of transforming it. It has gained strength since an apartment building collapsed in Fassouh neighbourhood (Ashrafieh) on January 15 2012 because of insufficient maintenance. Twenty-seven residents were killed. Beyond the controversy opposing landlords to tenants, the issue of...

Beyouth, Gemmayzeh, mai 2011

The Urban Observatory of Beirut: for a polysemic reading of both city and territory

The urban observatory has just celebrated its twentieth anniversary English version by W. Parramore (Original:  L’Observatoire urbain à Beyrouth : pour une lecture polysémique de la ville et du territoire). After four years in Damascus, the Ifpo urban observatory has returned to Beirut since October 2011, where it was created exactly twenty years ago, in 1991. Beyond the purely factual description heading its institutional page, the...

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