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Beyouth, Gemmayzeh, mai 2011

The Urban Observatory of Beirut: for a polysemic reading of both city and territory

The urban observatory has just celebrated its twentieth anniversary English version by W. Parramore (Original:  L’Observatoire urbain à Beyrouth : pour une lecture polysémique de la ville et du territoire). After four years in Damascus, the Ifpo urban observatory has returned to Beirut since October 2011, where it was created exactly twenty years ago, in 1991. Beyond the purely factual description heading its institutional page, the...

An Ethnography of Syrian Television Drama

Since the rise of pan-Arab satellite stations in the 1990s, Syria has become the Arab world’s leading producer of the wildly popular dramatic miniseries, or musalsal. Private production and the rise of satellite technology converged in the early 1990s, producing what has become known as the Syrian “drama outpouring” (al-fawra al-dramiyya). An average of 30 Syrian musalsal-s air on consecutive evenings during the Ramadan prime season,...

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